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Camping World, The Official Outdoor Retailer of NASCAR

Welcome to the Adventure of the Open Road!

RVRental.com is your ticket to the vacation of a lifetime. Renting an RV is easy and affordable, offering you the ultimate freedom to travel and explore wherever you choose, whenever you choose and at your own pace. Even if you have never experienced RV living or driven an RV, RVRental.com makes it easy to plan your trip and reserve the RV that best meets your needs.

Why Rent an RV?

RV travel has many advantages that make it the ideal family vacation. An RV lets you travel more comfortably on your own timetable. Stop and stretch when you’re ready; enjoy drinks and snacks when you choose; use your own bathroom when public facilities are unavailable or unsanitary.

Even with today’s fuel prices, RV travel is still a more economical way for families to travel than staying in hotels and eating in restaurants. It’s a great way to travel with kids and grandkids. They can play games, read a book, take a nap, watch movies on the TV/DVD, get a snack or use the bathroom anytime. Plus your whole family can go along for the fun-- your well-behaved pet is welcome in most campgrounds. And if you already own an RV but have family and friends who don’t, a rental RV is ideal for bringing them along to enjoy the leisurely RV lifestyle.

Studies show that Americans take less vacation time than citizens of many other nations. Renting an RV and flying to the pickup point is a great way to maximize your treasured time off. RVRental.com offers convenient pick-up and drop-off locations from coast to coast, near major airports, so it’s easy to fly to your pick-up point and get started on your RV adventure. Each location offers a selection of RVs to accommodate virtually any size family or group. Your dream vacation is just a few clicks away. Where would you like to go?

What makes Camping World RV Rental different?

  • Vehicles from the leading RV Manufacturers
  • Nationwide service
  • 24 hour roadside assistance
  • Luxury Comfort and Support Mattress in Rear Corner-Bed of all vehicles
  • No prep fees like other rental companies charge
  • Insurance included
  • 8 rental locations nationwide
  • Best rates, no hidden fees
  • Complementary Good Sam membership
  • Low one-way rates available
  • “One-Stop” outfitting for your RV vacation at our Camping World retail centers